AMERICAN DAREDEVILS on The History Channel

Mr Dizzy™ and the entire Mr Dizzy Motorsports™ crew are being featured on a brand new reality television show called American Daredevils.  The History Channel exclusive has been in production for quite some time and is currently scheduled to air in September.

American Daredevils will follow the crazy, and not so common, adventures of Mr Dizzy™, Dizzy Jr, The Crusher, Headache and the rest of the crew, along with the legendary Spanky Spangler, his son Brian, and another American Daredevil, Dr Danger.  The show will be unlike anything ever seen and will give extreme entertainment fans a intimate look inside the lives of those who do things that most would never dream of.


Watch our website and The History Channel’s website for more information to come with release dates and premier parties that will be taking place.