Mr Dizzy™ and Headache Celebrate Their First Ever Crane Drop at Puyallup SLAMFEST

Together with Highroad Promotions, Mr Dizzy Motorsports had another amazing event at the Puyallup Spring Fair’s SLAMFEST!

The weekend was filled with great racing, smashing demo derbies and On Sunday Mr Dizzy™ and Corey “The Headache” successfully completed the first ever two man crane drop from 100 feet in the air. You can find some great photos and video under the Video Gallery and Image Gallery tab’s.

A very special thank you goes to MAGNUM CRANE SERVICE. The MAGNUM CRANE crew were very professional and wonderful to work with.


NEXT stop for Mr Dizzy™ and the Crew – CRASH FACTORY LIVE AT TUCSON SPEEDWAY MAY 25th.

Check out this Video that Mr Dizzy™ put together to honor the Victims, Families and all of the amazing first responders and searchers of the Oso Mudslide that took place in Oso, WA on March 22, 2014.