Mr Dizzy™ and the Crew Bio’s

Mr Dizzy™

MIKE (Mr Dizzy™) BUSE

Born and raised in Monroe, Washington, Mr Dizzy began his career in motorsports over 20 years ago as a driver. Throughout his career he realized that entertaining fans and taking automotive entertainment to an extreme was his true calling. He began doing small stunts for his home track, Evergreen Speedway, and quickly expanded his performances to venues across the western US. He has now been seen all across the US and as far as Costa Rica.

Throughout his career, Mr Dizzy has been featured in numerous television shows, news stories, newspapers and magazines. In 2013, Mr Dizzy and his team were featured on the reality television series American Daredevils for History Channel. The series followed the crazy and death defying adventures of the team for an entire season and gave them international exposure.

Mr Dizzy is a multiple world record holder. His first came in 2008 when he set the record for the longest distance jumped in a limousine, 107.6 feet in a 32 foot limo. The stunt was featured on The Discovery Channel for Wreckreation Nation. He later broke that record by jumping another limo 123.5 feet. His second came in 2010 when he surpassed the old auto domino record by knocking over 13 cars in one attempt. His third record was in 2012, when he became the first person to successfully spiral a school bus through the air. Likely his greatest yet, was another world record, set at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2013, when he became the first ever to spiral a full size limousine. The sense of accomplishment Mr Dizzy feels after these amazing performances is incredible, although there is no greater success for him, than bringing families together for exhilarating entertainment and putting smiles on the faces of thousands of fans.

Mr Dizzy has rapidly become one of the most highly acclaimed and well-known names in the extreme entertainment industry. Together with the support of his dedicated team and loyal fans, Mr Dizzy is here to stay and he will surely continue to entertain and amaze for years to come.


Dizzy Jr

Dizzy Jr (aka Wylee Lochmann-Buse)

Dizzy Jr is a professional American stuntman, performing crazy and spectacular stunts across the United States and abroad. He started racing at his local track, Evergreen Speedway, at the age of 16 in a class designed to demo your cars while trying to win the race. He moved on to racing figure eights and began helping his father, Mr Dizzy, with his stunt career. He began by producing videos, graphic design, T-shirts, and anything else he could possibly help with. After a few years of behind the scene work, the inevitable came to be, and on October 2nd 2010 after much persuasion to his father, Dizzy Jr made his extreme debut and completed his first car jump, a four car stack.

The following season Dizzy Jr was on as a full time stuntman with Mr Dizzy Motorsports, jumping around the US and as far as Costa Rica. He performed stunts such as: four car stacks, car dominos, Suburban distance jump, van distance jump, and a ride along with Mr Dizzy on his world famous School Bus Jump. The stunt of the year for him was a Suburban jump that he successfully sailed through the air 157 feet. Dizzy Jr has been seen on Discovery Channel’s Wreckreation Nation, CBS Sunday Morning News, local news stations, and heard many radio stations.

In August of 2012 Dizzy Jr, went on temporary hiatus from motorsports to expand his life experience and pursuing his music career. He made a brief comeback for a guest appearance a year later performing an unforgettable car spiral at Mr Dizzy’s Crash Factory Live on History Channel’s American Daredevils. Now, after much anticipation, Dizzy Jr is back on the team as full time talent and has decided to pursue both of his passions in life consecutively, performing as an accomplished musician and also as one of a kind extreme entertainer.

Mr Dizzy Motorsports could not be happier welcome him back!