TUCSON ROCKED by Crash Factory Live!

The whole team joined forces along with many talented friends from across the country to give Tucson an unforgettable evening of EXTREME!! The talent included; Mr Dizzy™, Corey the Headache Howell, Levi the Kamikaze Kid, Mad Mike Jones, Mini Mad Mike Cook, multiple METAL MULISHA riders and the much anticipated return of DIZZY JR!!

There were amazing stunts, tons of fire and spectacular high flying action from the Metal Mulish, that all combined for an epic night action! Watch the photo and video galleries for footage of the event coming soon!

Mr Dizzy™ and Headache Celebrate Their First Ever Crane Drop at Puyallup SLAMFEST

Together with Highroad Promotions, Mr Dizzy Motorsports had another amazing event at the Puyallup Spring Fair’s SLAMFEST!

The weekend was filled with great racing, smashing demo derbies and On Sunday Mr Dizzy™ and Corey “The Headache” successfully completed the first ever two man crane drop from 100 feet in the air. You can find some great photos and video under the Video Gallery and Image Gallery tab’s.

A very special thank you goes to MAGNUM CRANE SERVICE. The MAGNUM CRANE crew were very professional and wonderful to work with.


NEXT stop for Mr Dizzy™ and the Crew – CRASH FACTORY LIVE AT TUCSON SPEEDWAY MAY 25th.

Check out this Video that Mr Dizzy™ put together to honor the Victims, Families and all of the amazing first responders and searchers of the Oso Mudslide that took place in Oso, WA on March 22, 2014.

Mr Dizzy™ Speaks (and BLOWS up) at Potential Church in Cooper City FL


On Saturday March 15th Mr Dizzy™ rocked the world of Potential Church in Cooper City Florida with a very special car explosion and was given the opportunity to share a piece his testimony with the great people of Potential Church.

“It was an absolute honor to be asked to come and speak at one the largest churches in the nation.  Potential Church, with Lead Pastor Troy Gramling, has proven again and again, to be a true trailblazer in connecting people to God in new an innovative ways, and it was such an amazing feeling to be invited as part of their vision.” – Mr Dizzy™

The very special and unique thing about this car explosion, was that the very brave, Pastor Troy, joined Mr Dizzy™ in the exploding Jeep.  Together the two performed an absolutely epic car explosion just after service on Saturday night, with the congregation cheering them on all the way.  Both men emerged from the flames unscathed and it was an unforgettable night for all.  Mr Dizzy™ went on to speak at all services on Sunday and had this say at the end of his experience, “Entertaining people and making kids smile is a driving force in what I do, but if I can now use my abilities to connect people to Christ and share my story of the amazing things that God has done for me in my life, all that I do will have true purpose.  This is my goal and what I am here to do.  All of the people and staff here have been beyond amazing and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this.”


PROFOX Premium Race Gear Returns for 2014!

Mr Dizzy Motorsports would like to proudly announce the return of our longtime sponsor PROFOX Premium Race Gear!   PROFOX will keep the crew safe again for the 2014 season with everything from driver’s suits and burn suits to fire resistant long underwear and more.  PROFOX carries everything a driver will need, from premium suits and shoes, to gear bags.  Please visit PROFOXRacing.com


Mr Dizzy Receives the Reg Midgley Award

In Portland OR at the 2013 WARPA conference Mr Dizzy was the proud recipient of the 2013 Reg Midgley First Class Promotion Award.  It was a monumental honor for Mr Dizzy, as this one of the only two awards given at the conference, and is an award that is voted on by all the members of WARPA.  Through the years, this award has been presented to promoters, race tracks and influential people in the Northwest motorsports industry.

“I am completely honored and elated to have received this award, and to be the recipient of an accolade like this that is voted on by my peers, in one of the greatest honors I have ever received.  I would have never been able to achieve any of this without the support, and relentless hard work of my crew through all of these years.  I would like to thank my crew and all the promoters who believed in and helped me achieve my dreams.” Mr Dizzy