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Did you catch last nights episodes of AMERICAN DAREDEVILS™???

LAST NIGHT ON AMERICAN DAREDEVILS™ – Mr Dizzy™ successfully pulled off a spectacular car spiral at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA.  He took quite a hit and his car was demolished, but he walked away unscathed.  The spiral was in preparation, and testing, for one the largest performances of his career –  the world record breaking limo spiral for Charlotte Motor Speedway.  DON’T MISS NEXT WEEK ON AMERICAN DAREDEVILS™!! Follow Mr Dizzy™ and the crew to Charlotte – Airing at 8pm pacific

American Daredevils™ Premier Event

The entire Mr Dizzy&trade’ Motorsports team gathered on October 22 for the premier of American Daredevils™.  It was a great evening of celebration with good friends and family.   Everyone came together to celebrate what the team has accomplished thus far, to give thanks to so many that have enabled their success, and also to dream of what the future may hold.

We would like to send to gracious THANK YOU to a few of our sponsors for the evening –

The Rock Church

Adam’s Northwest Bistro & Brewery

Hill Street Cleaners & Tuxedo

Evergreen Speedway


Check out the photo gallery for more photos of the evening.

Crash Factory LIVE! June 22nd at Evergreen Speedway

Mr Dizzy’s Crash Factory Live was held at Evergreen Speedway on Saturday June 22

It was a packed crowd and a beautiful day for chaos explosions! Mr Dizzy invited his fellow extreme entertainers from all of the country and pulled out all the stops for this event. The night featured Mad Mike Jones, Trigger Gumm in his FIRST EVER car stunt, which was AWESOME, Justin Homan and multiple other riders from METAL MULISHA, Mini Mad Mike broke a world record crashing through 15 walls of fire on his motorcycle, and monster trucks. Mr Dizzy Motorsports had quite a presence at the show, with an amazing car spiral from Dizzy Jr, a car decapitation stunt from Mr Dizzy and The Crusher performed an epic stunt, smashing through a van and flying through the air! Visit our photo gallery to see some amazing photos of the event.

Mr Dizzy™ Sets His 4th World Record
At Charlotte Motor Speedway

Mr Dizzy™ set his 4th world record on Friday May 24 at Charlotte Motor Speedway Dirt Track!!!  After the nearly 3000 mile journey across the US, the American flag wrapped limo went successfully spiraling through the air with Mr Dizzy™ in the driver’s seat.  The stunt was a huge success and marked another epic event for the entire team.  The stands were packed and it was an amazing kickoff to the weekend of  The History Channel 300 and the Coca Cola 600.

After the jump on Friday night, the entire crew got to relax a bit and enjoy the weekend with fellow talent from American Daredevils, Spanky and Bryan Spangler and crew, and Dr Danger.  The entire Mr Dizzy Motorsports™ team had an amazing weekend and are looking forward to a possible return to Charlotte in the fall.

Mr Dizzy™ Celebrates Success
at Magic Valley Speedway – May 11

Mr Dizzy™ and the entire crew visited Magic Valley Speedway on Saturday May 11th and gave the fans of Southern Idaho a great show.  Over the past many years, multiple stunts have been attempted at Magic Valley Speedway and none were successful.  Last year Mr Dizzy’s™ jump car blew a motor on approach, causing him to lose speed.  He fell far short of the crash cars and did a nose dive into the concrete.

This year was a smashing success and the fans got a great show.  The weekend was very special for Mr Dizzy™ and the crew, not only because of the successful jump, but they all got to visit Evil Knievel’s ramp on the side of the Snake River that was used in one of his most epic jumps.   It was an amazing weekend and the film crew for The History Channel show American Daredevils, was there to catch all of it.

AMERICAN DAREDEVILS on The History Channel

Mr Dizzy™ and the entire Mr Dizzy Motorsports™ crew are being featured on a brand new reality television show called American Daredevils.  The History Channel exclusive has been in production for quite some time and is currently scheduled to air in September.

American Daredevils will follow the crazy, and not so common, adventures of Mr Dizzy™, Dizzy Jr, The Crusher, Headache and the rest of the crew, along with the legendary Spanky Spangler, his son Brian, and another American Daredevil, Dr Danger.  The show will be unlike anything ever seen and will give extreme entertainment fans a intimate look inside the lives of those who do things that most would never dream of.


Watch our website and The History Channel’s website for more information to come with release dates and premier parties that will be taking place.